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Oh joy Austenites!  Today is the 200th anniversary of the publishing of "Pride and Prejudice" :D  What a joy this book has brought to my life.  Not to mention the films, tv shows, "sequels" (good/bad), mugs, board games, dances/balls, etc. that have been inspired by this story.  I love to think how bemused Jane would be by the success of her stories, and how much we embrace them.  I could gush and gush and gush about this all day but instead here are some of the deviations I enjoy around the site dedicated to this beloved novel:

Pride and Prejudice by ellaine

Pride and Prejudice by UlaFish

Pride and Prejudice by flominowa  

Pride and Prejudice by Loopydave

Pride + Prejudice cover sketch by janey-jane

Pride and Prejudice by Nanorph

My dear Mr. Bennet by kakao-bean

Pride and Prejudice by dainesalamin

Pride and Prejudice Shoes by Irise

pride and prejudice by viria13

Pride and Prejudice by FindingDarkInLight

Pride and Prejudice play gentleman by JanuaryGuest

If you know of any other amazing works based on Jane Austen's works or the Regency in general please share!

I thought about wearing my Regency costume to work today in celebration but thought that might be a bit much. ;)  This past weekend was the "Jane Austen Evening" so look for a little journal about that soon as well.  In the meantime take advantage of National Hot Tea Month and this auspicious birthday and celebrate both occasions with a nice cuppa and some P&P!

Rejoice Austenites! Pride and Prejudice was published 200 years ago today!!!!
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One of my fav books/movies. I read/watch it at least once a year. Lovely features. ^^
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