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Anyone who has been around me the for the last, oh let's say year, has heard me constantly talk about a series of books that was picked up for a television show.  That series is called "Outlander" and it's author, Diana Gabaldon, has always been one of those authors that proved elusive for me to net a signing from.  The series itself has been around for @ 23 yrs and I was first introduced to it as a bookseller around 12 yrs ago.  It was an instantaneous love affair and I think I read the first five in a week (keep in mind these books are roughly between 600 - 1000 pages each in small print paperback).  Needless to say, not a lot of sleep was had that week.  Then I fell into the same agony as every other fan...that excruciating wait between books.  Those years where I stare at the others sitting on my shelf, reminding me of all the secrets I've already coaxed from them and mocking me with the ones they hint are coming. Evil. I pick them up randomly and flip to certain dog-eared sections so I can remember the good times and bad times I've had with Jamie and Claire (and all the other characters I've come to love).  Not even the "Lord John Grey" spinoff novellas were enough, nor the graphic novel, to appease my ravenous appetite, but they eased the hunger pains.  So trust me, "Game of Thrones" fans I understand you.  I also don't find it a coincidence that Herself and George R.R. Martin are friends and have lunch together from time to time.  I bet they laugh at how long they make us wait in between...sadistic authors.

I would suggest the novels to friends and family from time to time, but found it very hard to describe them.  It went something like: Historical/Romantic/Sci-Fi/Military-Fiction.  Um...yeah.  Even Gabaldon herself will tell you they're hard to pin down as a genre, but that's what is so amazing about them.  They have something for everyone.  And hey Doctor Who fans...the entire series was born from an idea that was sparked while Gabaldon was watching an episode where the Doctor picks up a young Highlander named Jamie.  According to Gabaldon via Outlander TV News:

The Doctor Who connection:

Well on this really old show that had to have been filmed 55 years ago at least, he picked up a young Scotsman from 1745. This was an 18, 19 year old young man who appeared in his kilt. I said oh that’s kind of fetching.

I found myself still thinking about this the next day and said well it doesn’t really matter where you set this book, why not? I said, fine, Scotland 18th century. So that’s where I began, knowing nothing about Scotland or the 18th century.

I had no plot, no outline and no characters, nothing but the rather vague images conjured up by the notion of a man in a kilt which is of course a very powerful and compelling image. So that’s where I began, the man in the kilt. I didn’t know who he was. I didn’t know anything about the history of Scotland so I wasn’t sure what clan he should belong to or what his family name was. I began with him. He did have a name.

The part played by the young man in the Doctor Who episode, that young Scotsman was named Jamie McCrimmon and so I called my main character Jamie as a sort of compliment to the original. Other than that there really was no connection between them, the name and the kilt. So he was just Jamie. He was Jamie blank for a while.

Over the years there have been rumors of movies, mini-series and there was actually a musical that was performed at a festival in Edinburgh in 2009.  So when news came that Starz and Ron D. Moore (of Battlestar Galactica fame) were going to bring it to the small screen I didn't really take much stock in it.  But this time it proved to be true!


So I started to anxiously search the web for any news of casting, when it would be released, would the author have a say in anything, etc.  There were some highs and lows during all that and then in January 2014 I was able to attend a fan event here in Los Angeles:
2014-01-11 13.51.31 by IreneAdler76

Keep in mind the show had just begun filming the previous month, so this was really a super early introduction.  But fans were lined up around blocks (yes plural) to get in and see Ron D. Moore, Diana Gabaldon and the two principle actors Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall) and Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser).  Inside we got our first glimpses of scenes from the show and this one in particular got quite a few photos taken with it:
2014-01-11 15.22.08-2 by IreneAdler76
Well hello there James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie do you do?  Granted, like most book fans I'd say Sam Heughan was not "my" Jamie and Caitriona Balfe was not "my" Claire but knowing Herself was excited about their casting I decided to tentatively accept them and reserve my judgements.  The proof would be in the pudding.

The entire time was spent listening to the panel tell us about their vision for the show, how they cast, how they decided on wardrobe, how they were adapting these wonderful books for television, etc.  In short, I went from trepidation to whole hearted acceptance and became a complete and utter Obsessenach!
2014-01-11 16.28.17 by IreneAdler76
(taken with my phone, so the quality is pretty meh)

My friend and I even did the hang out backstage thing to get a chance to meet the principles - or in my case the author.  Herself proved elusive, but I did get Caitriona and Sam to sign a promo poster:
2014-01-11 21.43.24 by IreneAdler76
However I wasn't able to grab a pic with them.  This night was also memorable because it was the night I met #PocketJamie:
So it begins... by IreneAdler76
Oh #PocketJamie.  I did not know what I was missing in my life until you came into it.  


We've had many adventures together these last few months.  I've taken him to:

The Jane Austen Evening
#PocketJamie and I at J.A. Evening by IreneAdler76

2014-05-11 14.34.13 by IreneAdler76

Gotten a little goofy at times...
#PocketJamie and I goofing around by IreneAdler76

Introduced him to my #1 Literary love Sherlock Holmes at a Sherlock Fandom Tea:
2014-02-23 11.40.48 by IreneAdler76

An amusement park...where he was not amused...
2014-03-09 13.52.27 by IreneAdler76

A popular musical
2014-03-19 19.25.55 by IreneAdler76

A museum where he wanted a picture with this painting of George Washington.  If you've read the books you'll know why he found this portrait amusing and the entire U.S. History wing...
2014-02-02 15.30.52 by IreneAdler76

The L.A. Festival of Books.  #PocketJamie is an educated man and does enjoy reading.
2014-04-12 09.52.19 by IreneAdler76

#PocketJaime and my humble self at WonderCon 2014 by IreneAdler76

a Color Run (I mean we make this look gooooood)
We make this look good by IreneAdler76

and an "Art of the Tardis" craft fair b/c I had to bring it full circle as much as possible...right?!?! (Also note this is the same day the first episode aired in the U.S.)
2014-08-09 16.38.03 by IreneAdler76

Just to name a few.


But what we really wanted was to meet Herself.  And low and behold in May, we did!
Diana Gabaldon and Myself by IreneAdler76

She not only signed my book...she signed #PocketJamie!
Herself signed my book and #PocketJamie by IreneAdler76

Then a month later I got to attend another signing for her new release:
2014-06-11 21.10.13 by IreneAdler76

but my pic with Herself at this one was not so great...however #PocketJaime made some new friends:
Two #PocketJamies! by IreneAdler76

#PocketJamie's new friend by IreneAdler76
The woman holding the book made that JAMMF doll for her friend...awesome!

In fact, I've tweeted so much about our adventures and my growing obsession that I've been on the official "Outlander Community" board:
Untitled Drawing by IreneAdler76

Then came Comic Con 2014 and obsession went into full-blown meltdown!


I expected Starz to have something there and knew there would be a panel, but low and behold...they had "The Booth":
Outlander Booth SDCC by IreneAdler76
Complete w/Standing StoneS that vibrated when you touched them, Highlanders greeting you, a replica of Claire's apothecary from the show, and other actors and street teams.  But most importantly...MEN IN KILTS!
Myself, #PJ and some Highlanders SDCC by IreneAdler76
My friends and I may have visited it a few dozen times and got to know the people working the booth so well that they were gracious enough to let us snap this picture 10 minutes before the Con closed:
Outlander SDCC Booth's Wonderful Crew by IreneAdler76
On Friday, which I dubbed "Outlander Day SDCC" there was a signing at the booth:
Outlander Signing at SDCC by IreneAdler76

Signed SDCC Poster by IreneAdler76

But the real highlight was that they premiered the first episode during Comic Con!!!
Untitled by IreneAdler76

Untitled by IreneAdler76

where #PocketJamie got to meet #GiantJamie
#PocketJamie meets #GiantJamie by IreneAdler76


I got to stand on the "Tartan Carpet" and take pictures of the actors as they arrived:
Untitled by IreneAdler76

Outlander SDCC Premiere by IreneAdler76
By far this is my favorite pic I snapped that night!
Sam and Caitroina cozy up on the Tartan Carpet by IreneAdler76

Then there was the moment where I unexpectedly ran into Claire and Jamie...I mean Caitriona and Sam...
Caitriona Balfe and Myself by IreneAdler76

Sam Heughan and Myself by IreneAdler76
Really this is all I remember about Comic Con this year... ;P

Then I got to attend another premier screening in L.A.
2014-07-30 18.43.10 by IreneAdler76

And then came the anxious waiting for it to actually air and to see how it would be received:
Eager and Nervous for series to begin by IreneAdler76

But did I need to be afeared?  Of course not!  Because Starz did something ingenious and let people watch the first episode for free a week before it officially aired.  Which, according to stats I gathered, garnered at least 900,000 views from different online sources it was released to.

In fact it did so well in the first two episodes it's already been picked up for Season 2!  DRAGONFLY IN AMBER IS A GO!!!!!  And Episode 3 just aired this past weekend.

We are "Outlander" fans here us roar!

So there we are...a wee bit about my year of Outlander outlandishness and descent into fandom madness.  And it's not nearly over yet.  Wanna follow more of my crazy check out my twitter where I'm live tweeting each episode and other shenanigans as @NovelStrumpet :)

So now I close this post with some of the Outlander fan art I've found round deviantART:
Colum MacKenzie from Outlander by elspethmac
by elspethmac

Jamie Fraser by Kath-13
by Kath - 13
Outlander - Scream for me - Sketch by Lehanan
by Lehanan

Jamie -OUTLANDER by natira
by natira

Jamie Fraser - Outlander by roryalice
by roryalice

Claire by naomi-makes-art73
by naomi-makes-art73
Jamie by naomi-makes-art73
by naomi-makes-art73

OUTLANDER  -  JAMIE by natira
by natira

So how about you?  Are any of you Obsessenachs?  Did you read the books?  Watch the show?  Both?  Have any "Outlander" tales to tell?  


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What can I say? I've always been a little on the nerd/geek side. I like rain and cold weather (which makes no sense for my current living location). I love to read Paranormal anything and Mysteries. I have three main social events I attend each year: The Jane Austen Ball, The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade, and ComicCon. I love English Premiere League football (GO ARSENAL!!!!)...I'm sure there's more but then this would be way too long ;P


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